Timber Votive Candles - Grape Green - Set of 12

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These white votive candles are perfect for your holiday decorating. The 1.5” votives are hand-poured with a distress-textured finish. Sold in sets of 12. The candles display a warm glow and have long burn times.  The fully refined, food-grade paraffin wax has been hydro treated to remove impurities and color.  The result is a wax that is water clear, odorless and smokeless during burning.  100% cotton wicks from the U.S. and fine dyes from Germany. Size: 1.5” - Set of 12 candles Burn Time: 5 Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for items not in stock. We're here for you! Call 352.672.6004 during business hours, or email [email protected] 24/7.
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